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Postby administrator » Thu Nov 06, 2014 1:41 pm

There are not many rules here on the Rolex Vintage Forum, but there are a few rules which are intended for the benefit of all the members. This is a family-oriented forum, which is administered and moderated accordingly. With that in mind, remember that Rolex enthusiasts come from all backgrounds, races, nationalities, gender, religions and age groups. Please be respectful to others here and tolerant of opposing views and opinions since vintage Rolex is not an exact science. Foul language, poor taste, lewd comments or photographs, political and religious statements, and insulting/flaming behavior are not allowed. Additionally, any other comment that a moderator or the administrator determines violates the spirit or decorum of this forum is subject to edit or removal. Discussions of counterfeit Rolex or Rolex trademarks is not allowed. Discussions of counterfeit or aftermarket parts must be relevant to a topic or thread. No links to any web site dealing in counterfeit Rolex watches or watch parts is allowed. Members found to be in violation, or who habitually violate, any of the forum rules are subject to having their posts edited and/or removed. Additionally, members are subject to removal from the forum for habitual or single violations of any rule of the Rolex Vintage Forum.

Buyers and sellers that use the Sales Forum should proceed with caution and be aware that the sellers, buyers and traders are responsible for an ad’s content, their actions, words and deeds. Any buyer, seller or trader using the Sales Forum should use due diligence before any purchase or sale regarding a listing on this forum. The Rolex Vintage Forum provides an avenue for persons interested in purchasing, trading or selling watches, parts and/or accessories and is not liable or responsible for inaccurate, inappropriate, criminal or fraudulent listings, fraudulent payments or actions between members or any buyer or seller on this forum. No members or persons participating in the Sales Forum are endorsed by the Rolex Vintage Forum. Any member or nonmember that participates in the Sales Forum does so at their own risk.
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