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Forum Rules and Behavior for Members

There are not many rules here on the GMT Forum, but there are a few rules which are intended for the benefit of all the members. This is a family-oriented forum, which is administered and moderated accordingly. With that in mind, remember that Rolex enthusiasts come from all backgrounds, races, nationalities, gender, religions and age groups. Please be respectful to others here and tolerant of opposing views and opinions since vintage Rolex is not an exact science. Foul language, poor taste, lewd comments or photographs, political and religious statements, and insulting/flaming behavior are not allowed. Additionally, any other comment that a moderator or the administrator determines violates the spirit or decorum of this forum is subject to edit or removal. Discussions of counterfeit Rolex or Rolex trademarks is not allowed. Discussions of counterfeit or aftermarket parts must be relevant to a topic or thread. No links to any web site dealing in counterfeit Rolex watches or watch parts is allowed. Members found to be in violation, or who habitually violate, any of the forum rules are subject to having their posts edited and/or removed. Additionally, members are subject to removal from the forum for habitual or single violations of any rule of the Rolex Vintage Forum.

Buyers and sellers that use the Sales Forum should proceed with caution and be aware that the sellers, buyers and traders are responsible for an ad’s content, their actions, words and deeds. Any buyer, seller or trader using the Sales Forum should use due diligence before any purchase or sale regarding a listing on this forum. The GMT Forum provides an avenue for persons interested in purchasing, trading or selling watches, parts and/or accessories and is not liable or responsible for inaccurate, inappropriate, criminal or fraudulent listings, fraudulent payments or actions between members or any buyer or seller on this forum. No members or persons participating in the Sales Forum are endorsed by the GMT Forum. Any member or nonmember that participates in the Sales Forum does so at their own risk.

Sales Forum Rules and Behavior for Members

The Sales Forum is intended for use by members of the GMT Forum. All sales and purchases by members should be done with due diligence. The forum administrator/moderators do not prescreen sales items prior to the listing on the forum and has no control over the posting or content of a sales, trade or Want to Buy (WTB) listing. Buyers need to complete appropriate reference checks on sellers and verify the authenticity and accuracy of the item of their intended purchase. Sellers need to ensure that payments are as agreed upon with the buyer and should verify the buyer’s identity with appropriate background checks and/or verify references. Additionally, before a seller or trader ships any watch/part/accessory to the buyer, they should verify that the payment is not by a fraudulent financial instrument in the form of counterfeit or worthless checks, money orders, wire transfers or other monetary instruments.

The GMT Forum will not be responsible, or accept any responsibility for any transaction, sale, trade or purchase from the Sales Forum – it is the buyers, sellers and traders responsibility to ensure that a transaction from the Sales Forum is genuine and represented and conducted in a manner agreed upon during the purchase by all involved. Any member or nonmember that participates in the Sales Forum does so at their own risk. Buyers should ask all appropriate questions before a purchase and not wait until after a purchase to raise questions or concerns about the item purchased.

No fake or counterfeit items are allowed for sale on this forum and will be removed when brought to the attention of a moderator or the administrator.

Only the member posting an ad in the Sales Forum, site administrator, or moderators are allowed to edit or respond directly to any listing posted in the Sales Forum. Potential buyers are free to contact sellers through the private message system if they require additional photos or information regarding a listing. Buyers and sellers are further encouraged to use their personal email address to correspond with each other.

Listings brought to the attention of the moderators/administrator that violate the rules or spirit of the forum are subject to editing or complete removal. Continued violations of the listing rules will result in sellers/buyers/traders being barred from participating in the Sales Forum or removal from the forum.

The rules and behavior outlined here is not all inclusive, and may be modified as deemed appropriate by the administrator and moderators. The GMT Forum does not become involved in transactions between members and expects all parties to a sale to act in a manner in which they would expect to be treated; to include integrity, honor and timeliness.

Watch dealers and members may not post company names or links to other web sites unless prior approval is obtained from the administrator of the GMT Forum.

As a member of this forum, members agree not to hold the forum, administrator or moderators responsible for any action or words by any other member or entity that causes such member or entity financial or personal harm whether such action is the result of direct, indirect or consequential damage resulting from the use or services of this forum.

GENERAL RULES FOR SELLERS: 1) Sellers must list the price and the return policy. 2) Sellers must post at least one photograph of the item for sale. 3) Sellers are allowed up to 10 photographs per post in a listing. 4) Photos must be posted directly to the listing through the GMT Forum or through photobucket or other internet web site photo hosting service. 5) Sellers must have the item listed for sale in their possession at the time of the listing. 6) A full description of the item, to include service replacement parts if known. 7) Descriptions of watches, such as unpolished, must be verified through photos. 8) Non-original parts/accessories for a watch, or later replacement parts should be identified. 9) Sellers may bump their listing once every three days. 10) Sellers should update a listing once an item is sold, or is no longer for sale. 11) Sellers must post a clear photo of the complete model number and a photo of the serial number. with no more than five of the serial number digits obscured.

GENERAL RULES FOR BUYERS: 1) Buyers should be extra cautious when purchasing anything outside their home country. The same applies to sellers sending watches or parts outside their home country. Once an item or payment has left one country for another, and, in the event that the sale or payment is fraudulent or not as described, there is little likelihood that the police will intervene or become involved in another country outside of the buyer/seller’s home. 2) Buyers and sellers should discuss insurance for any item being sold on the forum prior to the sale. It is highly encouraged that all purchases be fully insured. 3) Buyers, like anywhere else, should be very cautious of ads placed for items that have a “price that is too good to be true.” 4) If a buyer is not 100GMT Forumatisfied with a seller, their references, or the item for sale, the buyer should pass on the purchase and look elsewhere. 5) Buyers should ask all appropriate questions before a purchase and not wait until after a purchase to raise question about the item purchased. 6) Buyers are encouraged to obtain a receipt for the purchase of any item. 7) WTB ads (want to buy). Members are encouraged to specify the price range for the item identified in the WTB ad.

A Message To The Members From The Administrator

I would like to personally welcome all new members to the GMT Forum. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned collector with vintage Rolex, hopefully you’ll find your time here with the other members to be an enjoyable, learning and worthwhile experience. Personally, I have been a watch collector for over 30 years and have enjoyed the vintage Rolex watches for the past 20 years. I am by no means an expert on vintage Rolex, but enjoy and collect the sport models from the 1960’s through the 1980’s. I have frequented the other watch forums for many years and have learned much from these forums – whether I participated in a discussion or was just a “lurker.” Hopefully, as a member, you will not be a “lurker,” but instead, feel welcome to participate in the discussions here. Please feel free to ask questions regarding information, posts or subjects that you do not understand. While vintage Rolex is not an exact science, and opinions may vary on particular subjects, we are all here to enjoy our passion for vintage Rolex and gain some knowledge along the way.

With time, I hope this forum will become one of the finest internet forums regarding discussions and research material for the vintage Rolex enthusiast. While the Rolex Vintage Forum is new, we feel that it will develop into one of your best sources for vintage Rolex-related material and discussions on the internet. There is much more here at the Rolex Vintage Forum than just general discussions, but a research, technical and sales forum that is available to all members that choose to participate. Hopefully, as the forum develops, you will meet members from various countries throughout the world, make new friendships and share in each other’s experience and knowledge. Please register for a free account which allows you access to the sales forum and the ability to respond to discussions in the forum.

As a GMT Forum member you will be able to:

Participate in all discussion forums
Communicate with other members with a private message box capable of saving 40 messages
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Access to the free Sales Forum which allows you to buy, sell or trade

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